Training Course on the Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Application Development

The course is designed to provide a learning opportunity for the participants to interpret, and use the PQA Performance Excellence Framework.

DAP Pasig, DAP Tagaytay
Boot Camp on Innovating the Public Sector

The PSP Innovation Laboratory Boot Camp is a five-day intensive workshop on the Co-Creation Innovation Process of the Public Sector Productivity (PSP) Innovation Laboratory.

Online, DAP Pasig, DAP Tagaytay
Basic Training Course on Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is important for the organization to achieve quality in its programs, and its ambition to bring about substantial and long-lasting change for its program beneficiaries or proponents.

Online, DAP Pasig, DAP Tagaytay, or DAP sa Mindanao
Training on Completed Staff Work

The participants will be able to develop technical documents applying completed staff work (CSW).

Online, DAP Pasig, DAP Tagaytay, or DAP sa Mindanao